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Mon stage en ligne Europe

You have a particular need or a short-term task you would like to entrust to a foreign trainee? You can post your work placement offers on My on-line placement Europe. It's a great way of bringing new skills, new outlooks and buckets of enthusiasm into your business!  


Placement mobility - an economic boost for young people and businesses alike

My on-line placement Europe meets the growing needs for mobility among young people, especially in vocational training. Work placement applications in Europe are constantly growing. And mobility based on professional experience is one of the objectives of the European Union (Europe 2020).
It has become the key to opening the door to employment and integration. For the trainees, it is a gateway to their future career. For businesses, it has become a precious development tool.


The tools to find the profile you are looking for

Tools for professional integration and mobility have been set up to help businesses pinpoint the profiles they require.
Europass, a portfolio of skills, enhancing work experience abroad and helping employers understand diplomas, knowledge and know-how.
The European Qualifications Framework is a tool to help understand national qualifications throughout Europe.
The Ploteus portal helps understand how studies are conducted throughout Europe.


Making the exchange concrete through a work placement agreement

In France, work placements are always part and parcel of a training course. Signing an agreement between the student (French or foreign), the host organisation and the teaching/training institution is compulsory. If you are hosting a French trainee abroad, you will be requested to sign the agreement, even if all the legal provisions don't apply in your country.

Model of a work placement agreement in German
Model of a work placement agreement in English

Model of a work placement agreement in Spanish
Model of a work placement agreement in Italian


In what framework can a foreign trainee be hosted ?

The European Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) offers mobility opportunities to young people: for vocational training through the Leonardo da Vinci programme, and for higher education through the Erasmus student mobility for placements programme.

Initiatives set up in the frame of partnerships with schools and regional and local authorities run parallel to the European programmes. Bi-national organisations such as the French-German Youth Office have set up regular exchanges. Initiatives can also be undertaken on an individual basis.

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